Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Demand Generation. It’s a Process not a Single Event!

If you think of demand generation as a single isolated event – stop it. Your customers, partners and prospects interact with your company in many ways using multiple channels. 
Take a quick audit of all your inbound and outbound messages and see what you are saying to your customers, partners and prospects. I think you will be shocked how diverse your conversations are with your market!

Once you do the audit, you may be able to identify one key idea about your company or products that you can leverage over and over in all your customer, partner and prospect communications. Think of all the ways you can build your brand and convey a key message:
  • In eMail Campaigns and in eMail signatures
  • On your Website and landing pages
  • In Social Media and on Blogs
  • Newsletters, online events, PR and more
Here is some food for thought: If you can only communicate one message to all of your constituents what would it be? Once you figure that out, then communicate it in all your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Make it brief but make it memorable! 

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