Monday, April 14, 2014

Are Multiple App and Social Media User Logins Driving You Crazy?

How many times daily are you logging on to applications, websites and Social Media accounts? Then multiply that number by just about everyone in your organization. 

Think about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SFDC, Oracle, internal applications like Accounting, information portals, etc. If you are like me, you are spending TOO MUCH TIME logging in and not enough time being productive! 

Many Websites and applications are strengthening their user IDs and passwords and the result of more complicated user IDs and passwords mean that I am forgetting my logins more frequently and requesting new ones almost daily. What about you?

I understand the need for stronger security but that fact doesn’t make the time I am wasting feel any better. And it looks like with the expansion of Cloud and Mobile technology this problem will get even more complicated. But alas, there is a solution in sight that I just discovered -- OneLogin.

OneLogin ( has overcome the complexity of multiple logins. OneLogin, lets you establish your login credentials one time for the applications and sites you use and there is no need to login every time you use the application or visit the site! Think of the time and frustration you, and your fellow employees can save by using this technology to manage your identity an access credentials.

I decided to give OneLogin a try by signing up for a free account that allows  Unlimited Users, 3 Company Apps, 5 Personal Apps, Mobile OTP, iPad and integration with a directory of thousands of popular applications like NetFlix, YouTube, HuLu, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, Yelp and more. The Directory includes integration with business applications like, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. Each application in the directory is easy to connect and establish your one login.

Don’t take my word for how easy OneLogin ( is to use, sign-up for a free account to experience the freedom for yourself. The time, sanity and hairline you save may be your own!

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